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Inside the volcano

Ours is a restless planet. While we walk unawares over the remnants of massive eruptions, it is easier than ever to train a camera on Mount Etna’s latest effusions.


A new London musical will change the way we think about cancer

FIGHTS. Losses. Survivors. The language of cancer is a battleground littered with violent metaphors, but a new production at London’s National Theatre plans to change that, with an “all singing, all dancing examination of life with a cancer diagnosis”. Oh yes, a musical. About cancer.

Stella Duffy: “People have very different conversations when they’re putting up a trestle table together.”

An interview with Stella Duffy, founder and co-director of Fun Palaces – a community led initiative founded in the belief that everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist.

Ultima Thule: Alistair McDowall

“So the play is basically about people being away from home; feeling like home is slipping away from them, gradually. Not just physically – because they’re not there anymore – but mentally, everything about home is going, disappearing.”

Hamlet: Anatomy of a Cumberkerfuffle

Originally written for Exeunt There is a man. He is in a play. And everyone has utterly lost their shit. I mean wholesale, clambering over each other for first grab, taking surreptitious photos in the theatre, following him from the stage door to his car, madness. Those fans, eh? Nope, it’s the journalists.

Gladly Beyond

Originally written for Exeunt “Dad?” “Yes sweetheart?” “When are you going to die?” “… Not for a very long time.” “How long?”