FIGHTS. Losses. Survivors. The language of cancer is a battleground littered with violent metaphors, but a new production at London’s National Theatre plans to change that, with an “all singing, all dancing examination of life with a cancer diagnosis”. Oh yes, a musical. About cancer.

An interview with Stella Duffy, founder and co-director of Fun Palaces – a community led initiative founded in the belief that everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist.

The modern language and reality of struggling to conceive a child have become inadvertently brutal, distilling what was once personal and familial grief to statistics made public.

Being affectionately referred to as the ‘unplugged’ version, Tim Crouch’s Royal Court hit of 2014 now appears at the Unicorn for a brief run after its turn at the Fringe.

“So the play is basically about people being away from home; feeling like home is slipping away from them, gradually. Not just physically – because they’re not there anymore – but mentally, everything about home is going, disappearing.”

How many people are currently living on Mars? You may raise your eyebrows and wonder whether I expect Mark Watney to wander around the corner at any moment, fresh from running roughshod all over planetary protection protocol.