I’ve made a teru teru bōzu – a handmade Japanese doll that keeps the rain away. All I had was a tissue and the ball from a broken coat rail, but I could use some sunshine, and we make do with what we’ve got. Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu Do make tomorrow a sunny day Like the […]

Carol. Ca-rol. The name fills your mouth before your tongue flies up to your hard palate, trapping it. Like a secret. Ca-rol. Anyone who’s spoken to/crossed paths with/been in a building adjacent to me in recent weeks has been powerless to escape mention of the current love of my life. Adapted by Phyllis Nagy from […]

Originally written for Exeunt There is a man. He is in a play. And everyone has utterly lost their shit. I mean wholesale, clambering over each other for first grab, taking surreptitious photos in the theatre, following him from the stage door to his car, madness. Those fans, eh? Nope, it’s the journalists.

Originally written for Exeunt “Dad?” “Yes sweetheart?” “When are you going to die?” “… Not for a very long time.” “How long?”

I wrote this on my phone on February 26th, tucked into an armchair in the lee of the stairwell at BAC, just before seeing Rove. It was a totally ordinary night (aside from the fact that I was actually early enough to sit and write something), and I had no particular reason to be pondering […]

Originally written for Exeunt Memory is unreliable. I don’t know what shoes I wore to Fiction, but I remember the dress – eggshell blue with ruffled tucks that tugged at my knees as I crossed and uncrossed them in the dark. The first few times I went to BAC, several years ago now, I could never […]