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BBC News

Yes, Antarctica has a fire department

Liquid water ‘lake’ revealed on Mars

Could an emoji save your life?

Climate change ‘hurts women more’

Does Jurassic Park make scientific sense?

The Meg: the myth, the legend (the science)

Petrichor: why does rain smell so good?

Ocean wilderness ‘disappearing’ globally

Margaret Atwood: ‘If the ocean dies, so do we’

The tree that bleeds… metal?

How the ‘chickens from hell’ nested

When flying to Mars is your day job

Ancestral remains ‘people, not objects’

Heatwaves ‘cook’ Barrier Reef corals

Europa-like lakes found in Canada

Hunting mystery lightning from space

The whales who love to sing in the dark

Are earthquake warnings effective?

BBC 100 Women

The women championing their scientific ancestors

The ‘ice’ ceiling that held women back

The women who sew for NASA

Nobel Prize: Where are the women?

Other science writing

Gizmodo – The Meteorite Hunters Who Trade in Precious Space Debris

New Scientist – A new London musical will change the way we think about cancer

New Scientist – Lincoln’s Frequency digital festival gets into the city’s fabric

New Scientist – Volcanoes: Oxford exhibition gives the fiery inside story

New Scientist – Why rest and relaxation are such a serious business

Alphr – Meet the people living on (artificial) Mars

Exeunt – Terra Firma

Exeunt – Performing Language

Exeunt – The Art of Looking

Exeunt – 342 Days

Gender, sexuality, pop culture & being human

TED Ideas – Humans are made to be touched – so what happens when we aren’t?

Medium – When Burnout Doesn’t Get Better (or How To Break Your Own Heart)

TED Ideas – We need to talk about the orgasm gap – and how to fix it

TED Ideas – How to raise a child who’s free from gender norms

Medium – Women are deprived of solitude (in the outdoors)


Association of British Science Writers – Newcomer of the Year, 2019

The judges said: A great eye for stories on a variety of topics that were well-researched and told from a variety of angles.

BBC Ivan Noble Bursary, 2018