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Inside the volcano

Ours is a restless planet. While we walk unawares over the remnants of massive eruptions, it is easier than ever to train a camera on Mount Etna’s latest effusions.


Why rest and relaxation are such a serious business

We’re all only a night or two of decent sleep away from being high functioning, entirely successful members of society – right?

A new London musical will change the way we think about cancer

FIGHTS. Losses. Survivors. The language of cancer is a battleground littered with violent metaphors, but a new production at London’s National Theatre plans to change that, with an “all singing, all dancing examination of life with a cancer diagnosis”. Oh yes, a musical. About cancer.

Stella Duffy: “People have very different conversations when they’re putting up a trestle table together.”

An interview with Stella Duffy, founder and co-director of Fun Palaces – a community led initiative founded in the belief that everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist.


The modern language and reality of struggling to conceive a child have become inadvertently brutal, distilling what was once personal and familial grief to statistics made public.

Adler & Gibb

Being affectionately referred to as the ‘unplugged’ version, Tim Crouch’s Royal Court hit of 2014 now appears at the Unicorn for a brief run after its turn at the Fringe.