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100 Women: The ice ceiling that held women back

For decades, there was a ceiling not of glass but of ice, for women in science – the continent of Antarctica.

The heroic tradition of polar exploration conducted solely by men meant that Antarctica itself was often thought of as a woman to be conquered.

100 Women: The women who sew for NASA

Without its seamstresses, many of Nasa’s key missions would never have left the ground.

From the Apollo spacesuits to the Mars rovers, women behind the scenes have stitched vital spaceflight components.

100 Women: The scientists championing their indigenous ancestors’ discoveries

Indigenous peoples around the world have understood the stars, tides and local ecosystems for hundreds of years.

100 Women: Where are the female Nobel Prize winners?

There are more men named Robert on the list of previous chemistry winners than there are female laureates.

Inside the volcano

Ours is a restless planet. While we walk unawares over the remnants of massive eruptions, it is easier than ever to train a camera on Mount Etna’s latest effusions.

Why rest and relaxation are such a serious business

We’re all only a night or two of decent sleep away from being high functioning, entirely successful members of society – right?