The Stage 100: A Breakdown

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Every year, The Stage “reveals who we believe are the 100 most influential people working in theatre and the performing arts.”

Depending on your opinion of The Stage, and on a lot of different factors, you may be sceptical of the list’s validity / relevance to the theatrical landscape, but as a few people were already flagging the gender imbalance in this year’s list, I thought it would be helpful to provide a structured breakdown.

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Top 5:
Women: 2
Men: 6

Top 10:
Women: 4
Men: 14

Top 20:
Women: 10
Men: 22

Top 40:
Women: 15
Men: 45

Top 60:
Women: 22
Men: 61

Top 80:
Women: 28
Men: 78

All 100:
Women: 32
Men: 96

– The list in total is comprised of 25% women to 75% men – there were nine cases of female/male partnerships or women being mentioned in conjunction with a male colleague or counterpart, and two of female/female working partnerships.

– BAME entrants do not make an appearance on the list until after the top 20. Not having met the vast majority of people on the list, I am uncomfortable in speculating on people’s ethnic heritage through the medium of the internet, but am fairly confident in saying that there are fewer than 10 BAME professionals on this list; yielding a ratio I have shown below.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.43.22

The Stage’s logo for the list features three men and three women, two of whom are from BAME backgrounds. I think you can agree this is not proportionately reflective of the data.

– Regardless of how and why this list is put together, these figures are undeniably reflective of larger issues within theatre and the performing arts; something we’re all responsible for.

* I’ve double checked my numbers but please let me know if I’ve gotten anything wrong.

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