Gladly Beyond

Originally written for Exeunt “Dad?” “Yes sweetheart?” “When are you going to die?” “… Not for a very long time.” “How long?” “Ages and ages.” “Ok. Night!” A colleague of mine had this conversation with his 4 year old daughter a few weeks ago, and it’s stuck in my head ever since he retold it … Continue reading Gladly Beyond


Originally written for Exeunt Memory is unreliable. I don’t know what shoes I wore to Fiction, but I remember the dress – eggshell blue with ruffled tucks that tugged at my knees as I crossed and uncrossed them in the dark. The first few times I went to BAC, several years ago now, I could never … Continue reading Fiction

Gods & Monsters

Originally written for Exeunt Director James Whale (Ian Gelder) doesn’t create monsters anymore; he fights them. After a series of strokes, the jagged forks of lightning that once rent the skies in Frankenstein now pulse through his nervous system, snagging on words and memories, and he lives in quiet frustration with his mothering and brilliantly … Continue reading Gods & Monsters

Songs of Lear

I’ve tried writing words about Songs of Lear, and it’s completely pointless. I just can’t. So I’m going to write around it as best I can and that gaping maw in the middle, that unnamable, missing, essential thing; that’s what it feels like to watch it. A few weeks ago, we recorded some original music … Continue reading Songs of Lear

Lie Collector

Originally written for Exeunt Art’s not a mirror, it’s a hammer. That’s the gist of what Brecht said, anyway. According to Google. I’ve never read anything Brecht’s actually said – frightfully undereducated in the ways of old white men talking about theatre, me. Or, to be fair, anyone at all talking about theatre prior to … Continue reading Lie Collector