The Husbands

Originally written for The Public Reviews In setting out to ask whether the gender power balance can be redressed in India, writer Sharmila Chauhan creates a commune - Shaktipur  - not all that dissimilar from some remote areas of the country, in which the scarcity of women means that they can and do take multiple … Continue reading The Husbands


Originally written for The Public Reviews Now in its second successful run at the Soho Theatre, Blink is – it transpires – every bit as endearingly heartbreaking as promised. Jonah (Harry McEntire), an escapee of a conservative religious commune and Sophie (Rosie Wyatt), grieving deeply at the loss of her father, meet and fall in … Continue reading Blink

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

Originally written for The Public Reviews Brutally endearing (in the least twee sense of the latter) feels the most appropriate term for this production, with its playful tongue twister of a title and alternately heartwearming and heartwrenching helter skelter through modern aunthood. A forceful forthrightness has always been integral to Kimmings’ work, but Credible sees … Continue reading Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model